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Elevating Patient Relationships in Healthcare: HIMSS 2024 Takeaways

By Vijay Verma, VP of Product

Welcome to our blog post, where we explore the pivotal insights shared during a recent presentation at HIMSS 2024 by Vijay Verma, Vice President of Product at TeleVox, focusing on advancing patient relationships in 2024. The dialogue highlights the shift towards patient-centric care and the pivotal role of Patient Relationship Management (PRM) in achieving this goal. Let’s explore the key takeaways:

  1. Redefining Patient Relationship Management

Patient Relationship Management is not merely about engagement; it’s about fostering long-term, personalized relationships between patients and healthcare institutions. Unlike traditional engagement models, PRM emphasizes two-way communication, personalization, and continuous support throughout the patient journey.

  1. Identifying Current Challenges

Current healthcare workflows often prioritize institutional needs over patient preferences, resulting in fragmented communication from multiple point solutions and suboptimal engagement. This can lead to patient delays in seeking care and feeling overwhelmed by information overload. To address these challenges, a shift towards patient-centered care is necessary.

Less than optimal outcomes may occur due to the lack of the customer’s preferred channel or because patients require assistance at their convenience rather than when the original message was sent. Addressing poor outcomes requires understanding and accommodating patient preferences throughout their healthcare journey.

  1. Differentiating PRM from Existing Models

PRM transcends traditional patient engagement and Electronic Health Record (EHR)-driven approaches by focusing on persistent, actionable, and conversational interactions. It ensures seamless communication across multiple channels, catering to diverse patient needs while enhancing operational efficiency and clinical outcomes.

Furthermore, PRM converts episodic and transactional interactions into always-on engagements that operate at every step of the care journey for both parties involved. This transformation enables continuous support and communication, facilitating proactive care management and fostering stronger patient-provider relationships.

  1. Introducing TeleVox: A Comprehensive Solution

TeleVox presents a holistic PRM platform aimed at optimizing patient interactions across the care journey. Through the utilization of automation, AI, and various communication channels such as web, voice, and SMS, TeleVox facilitates personalized, omnichannel engagement. This platform ensures persistent and actionable communication, rather than merely one-way notifications. Additionally, TeleVox employs intelligent routing to ensure that every patient inquiry receives attention, eliminating dead-ends and enhancing overall efficiency.

  1. Bridging Engagement to Relationship

TeleVox transforms traditional engagement models into dynamic, two-way conversations. By making SMS interactions persistent, actionable, and conversational, patients can easily navigate appointment scheduling, inquiries, and follow-ups, leading to improved patient satisfaction and adherence to care plans.

  1. Customizable Solutions for Every Institution

TeleVox’ modular platform allows healthcare institutions to tailor solutions to their specific needs and preferences. Whether focusing on appointment management, chronic care programs, or patient marketing, TeleVox provides scalable, personalized solutions aligned with value-based care principles.


Elevating patient relationships in healthcare requires a shift towards patient-centric, personalized care facilitated by robust Patient Relationship Management solutions like TeleVox. By prioritizing continuous engagement, actionable communication, and seamless experiences, healthcare institutions can drive better outcomes while nurturing enduring patient relationships.

Thank you for reading our blog. To dive deeper into this topic, feel free to watch the presentation on YouTube or visit the TeleVox website. Let’s explore the future of patient relationships in healthcare together.