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Reduce Staff Burnout and Improve Productivity With Automation

The Impact of Automated, Omnichannel Patient Engagement on Staff Burnout

Repetitive tasks like scheduling appointments, post-procedure patient follow-ups, vaccine reminders, and closing referrals are critical to maintain health system volumes and keep patients thriving. Yet today, healthcare teams are juggling more priorities than ever before, forcing hospitals to address inefficiencies that contribute to staff burnout.

Thankfully, the latest automation technology embedded in the electronic health record (EHR) eases the manual work required of staff while empowering patients with self-service tools to manage their healthcare visits. Digital, omnichannel, two-way interactions that support patient engagement communications make this possible.

Automation Opportunities

The TeleVox platform is built to relieve staff burnout by eliminating unnecessary manual hours spent on tasks like:

  • Patient Recall
  • Appointment reminders
  • Scheduling, rescheduling, and cancelations
  • Referral management
  • Pre-procedure instructions
  • Post-visit follow-up
  • Iris™, AI-Powered Virtual Agent

The Impact of Staff Burnout on Patient Experience

nursing executives report that staffing shortages have had a negative impact on patients’ experiences.

of Americans seeking care reported having a negative experience that directly attributed to worker shortages.

Driving Revenue, Retention and ROI

As healthcare leaders juggle how to drive revenue while reducing physician burnout and the overall burden on their staff members, automated solutions can quickly and easily demonstrate ROI.

Taking steps to reduce staff burnout starts with automating common, routine actions. Our team of experts can help! Reach out to schedule a demo today.

Proven by 10,000+ Clients

“Adopting the HouseCalls Pro platform has endeared us to our operations and executive teams. ACPNY has implemented a variety of automated workflows and over twenty Epic-event-based messages. We also love the self-service capability and on-demand broadcast messaging.”

Director, Revenue Cycle Systems
AdvantageCare Physicians

“Since adopting HouseCalls Pro to capture real-time, self-reported patient information via SMS and record that in Epic, we have continued to expand the use of automated workflows. The configurability of the system and the service provided has been excellent.”

Anthony Brown | Director, Application Services
Kettering Health Network

“Recently, a whole practice had to move. HouseCalls Pro provides tools that send reminders out, so we didn’t have a time delay to send out customized messages. We didn’t have to wait for TeleVox’s staff to build something. That helped our practice because we didn’t have to reach out to each patient to let them know where the new location was. Reaching out to each person would have cost a lot of money, so TeleVox’s system has saved us a lot of money. Everything ties into the finances. With this solution, we can utilize our time for other things. Our patient turnover would cost us in the long run if we weren’t utilizing the time slots and the follow-up program. Patients have come back, and we have made them aware that they need to be seen for things. The solution has definitely had a positive financial impact.”

Manager | Customer Interview Conducted by KLAS Research About ROI/Cost

“TeleVox’s greatest strength is customer service. When I have questions or need somebody to intervene, I get very good responses from my account manager. That individual is excellent and always checks on us to see whether there is anything they can do.”

Manager | Customer Interview Conducted by KLAS Research About Service and Support

“I really believe in the HouseCalls Pro product, and I regularly engage in networking with other people that use the system. I am a big fan of the platform and the framework on which the platform is built.”

Manager | Customer Interview Conducted by KLAS Research About Technology

The Patient Family Notifications workflow has helped a lot with logistics. Especially since we have limitations on people entering the hospital due to COVID protocols. It has really helped coordinate with rides. Family members drop the patients off and eventually they get the message that their family member is in recovery and know it’s time to head back into the hospital to pick them up. That is very helpful.

Claudia Andrade | Senior Applications Analyst
Cambridge Health Alliance

Since we started using TeleVox, we have had fewer no-shows. I think that is the goal of any appointment reminder system, and we have seen that.

We have had a couple of really good account managers from TeleVox who have made our experiences so much better. We have run into roadblocks with builders and the way we do things may not be the way that others organizations do things. Our account manager have been the key to helping us communicate to work through issues.