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Unlocking the Future of Patient Engagement: TeleVox Showcases Patient Relationship Management Platform at ViVE 2024

By Don Thompson, Head of Marketing, TeleVox

TeleVox Showcases Patient Relationship Management Platform at ViVE 2024

Whether coming from large, hospital systems or singular physician offices, ViVE 2024 attendees will want to prioritize stopping by the TeleVox booth (1730) to explore the new patient relationship management (PRM) platforms the company is showcasing to the public for the first time.

TeleVox heads to ViVE 2024 in Los Angeles (February 25-28) with new platforms that transform patient engagement from transactional encounters to deep, continuous patient relationships. With advanced features like SMART SMS, TeleVox’s Enterprise Edition enhances patient experiences, optimizes care, lightens the staff workload, and contributes to the financial success of the provider.

How Patient Relationship Management Differs From Traditional Patient Engagement

Traditional healthcare engagement models often silo patient interactions, leading to fragmented communication efforts. Call centers, EHR, CRM and other digital health applications all communicate with patients in different channels. TeleVox’s Enterprise Edition unifies disparate communication channels into a cohesive ecosystem with the patient relationship at its core.

Additionally, unlike EHR-driven episodic communications that typically only target existing patients through web and mobile channels, Enterprise Edition champions omnichannel communication to engage both existing and prospective patients.

Enterprise Edition offers a wide range of features and benefits to help you achieve financial success through patient success, including:

  • SMART SMS to have a persistent, actionable conversation channel of communication
  • Automated workflows for all types of care interactions
  • Right-time reminders to reduce no-shows
  • Omnichannel virtual agent for common tasks and questions
  • Reputation management for improving provider online reviews
  • eCheck-in for reducing manual staff work
  • Digital billing for faster, easier payments
  • Digital care programs to reduce readmissions
  • Multi-language capabilities to reach diverse populations
  • Broadcast and on-demand messaging options

Discover Practice Edition

While most ViVE attendees may opt for the Enterprise Edition, TeleVox will also be showcasing a variant purpose built to meet the unique needs of physician practices. TeleVox’s Practice Edition addresses common industry challenges – such as inefficient scheduling, lack of automated and scalable communications, patient retention, and reputation management – further showcasing TeleVox’s dedication to redefining healthcare communication through advanced technologies like SMART SMS.