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Returning to a Historic Brand Name

By: Don Thompson, Head of Marketing at TeleVox


Before Intrado, our customers knew us as “TeleVox.” A brand name that’s been known throughout the healthcare world since 1992 as a pioneer in automated patient engagement, in addition to renowned customer service and innovation. In fact, many of our customers still acknowledge us by this name. For this reason, we have chosen to return to the name “TeleVox” as our brand identity in product and values.

What Does This Mean for Customers?

With the return of the TeleVox name, customers can continue to expect the high level of service, support and innovation that they have become accustomed to. That includes our knowledgeable and committed staff, and our powerful digital patient engagement platform. Our customers can also continue to count on us for new innovations and offerings (many coming soon in 2023).

What Does This Mean for Our Organization?

Aside from our new look and logo, not much will change within our organization. Our online presence will be updated, including revised social media channels and a brand-new website ( We will continue to live up to the innovative and historic reputation and values of TeleVox.

Going Forward

Our team is incredibly excited about what’s ahead for us in 2023 and beyond. From new workflow automations (such as reputation management and wayfinding) to additional integrations with leading EHR systems, we expect the coming years to be our best yet and we look forward to our next chapter with your organization at our side! We are also excited to continue collaborating with our customers to develop new concepts and solutions to help you meet your goals and overcome your challenges.

From the earliest phone and email appointment reminders in the 1990s to the complex and intelligent referral management automation of the 2020s, TeleVox has continued to drive the patient engagement landscape for three decades. Our experience and ability to deliver at scale is a big reason that we have over 10,000 customers in North America. We are all excited to again represent the “TeleVox” brand and hope that you are, too!