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Strategic Solutions for Patient Compliance, Adherence and Awareness

PostcardPlus Services

The pharmaceutical division of TeleVox helps healthcare companies reach more patients through strategic communication that includes postcards plus, SMS, email, and IVR reminders as well as disease state awareness.

01. Postcards

Postcards are tailored with images and messaging to a patient from their healthcare provider.

Postcards provide a simplistic and tangible way to remind eligible patients that they may have missed a wellness visit or vaccination. The most effective postcards are generic meaning it does not name a product or manufacturer promoting a specific product.

The last time you got an envelope in the mail with no logo or return address did you open it or throw it away? A vast majority of consumers will toss the envelope in the trash can never knowing what it was because they immediately thought it was junk mail. However, if you receive a postcard, you know immediately where it is coming from, who it is intended for, and the “call to action”. A great asset that a postcard has is that since it is tangible it can effortlessly be placed on their refrigerator or “To Do” board for a daily reminder. Therefore, postcards Meet quality metrics, Close vaccination gaps, and Support population health goals.

02. SMS

When was the last time you answered a phone call from a number that you were not familiar with but opened a text message from a number that you were not familiar with?

On average 95% of SMS (text messaging) are opened and responded to within 3 minutes and is the preferred communication channel and it only takes 1 minute to read. This drives awareness and encourages patients to contact their provider for more information about wellness visits, vaccinations, and appointments.

Benefits of the PostcardPlus Patient Engagement Strategy

  • Automated reminders delivered via postcard, SMS, email, and IVR
  • An engaging method of scheduling appointments with their healthcare provider
  • Disease state and educational information delivered in a convenient method
  • Reduces workload for office staff and HCP, which allows them to focus on patient care

03. Email

Email reminders have a customized Subject Line to the patient that immediately identifies the topic of the body of the email.

TeleVox will work with the partnering company to develop an eye-catching Subject line. Like the postcard, the receiver can easily print the email reminder and effortlessly place it on their refrigerator or “To Do” board for a daily reminder. The body of the email is customized to fit the needs of the patient. Whether it is a vaccination reminder, wellness visit, or disease state awareness we can create it.

04. IVR

IVR are quality phone messages that provide professional and expression with a call to action.

These messages provide a custom voice script that reminds the patient of potential missed vaccinations, wellness visits and disease state awareness.

“The Wellness postcard program allowed us to bring in significantly more patients than we normally have seen this time of the year.”

“We are happy to see healthcare companies are finding new ways to partner with us.”

“The PostcardPlus team is very professional in support of our clinic!”

“There is no doubt that the PostcardPlus Recall program is a very effective resource for our sales/marketing strategy.”

“The PostcardPlus approach is unique and operational…a winning combination.”

“I am extremely pleased with the response of our targeted accounts… the PostcardPlus partnership is wonderful.”

“I’ve expanded my target office contacts with the PostcardPlus program.”

“This resource helped me position myself as a partner and a strong resource to the customer.”

“This program allowed me to improve protocols and establish a stronger platform in my account.”