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Say Hello to Iris™, the Newest Addition to TeleVox’s Digital Patient Engagement Platform

TeleVox, a leading provider of omnichannel digital patient engagement technology, has launched Iris™, a conversational AI virtual assistant for health systems. The platform was unveiled at the HIMSS Conference on April 17, 2023. Iris™ is designed to improve patient access, care and experience while reducing staff workload, by offering advanced AI and chat technology throughout the patient journey. The platform features voice, web chat, and SMS capabilities, enabling healthcare providers to offer patients self-service options for a variety of activities, reducing the burden on staff and increasing patient acquisition.

How is Iris™ different from what you use today?

The platform’s advanced AI capabilities and access to a vast range of published content make it the most comprehensive solution available, surpassing current basic chatbots that utilize limited content and require extensive training. Iris™ provides accurate and trustworthy answers based on the provider’s existing content, and it seamlessly passes clear and fluent questions directly to the provider’s team. Iris™ will be a day one value add, with zero setup needed by the IT teams.

Iris™ offers a range of capabilities, including:

  • Knowledge base – provides easy access to information
  • Appointment management – provides automated self-service scheduling options
  • Live connect to staff for appropriate inquiries
  • Coming soon in 2023 – bill-pay, prescription refill, provider search, patient education, symptom checker, and procedure eligibility

According to Vik Krishnan, President of TeleVox, Iris™ is a new generation of AI-enabled patient-provider communication, and it marks a significant milestone in the evolution of patient engagement technology. The platform enables health systems to deliver the self-service experience that consumers expect today, and it integrates a full range of communication technologies, providing patients with the flexibility to engage with healthcare providers on their own terms. Healthcare organizations can also easily incorporate their website and other content into the automated system, providing patients with customized and easy-to-understand “FAQ” content in natural language.

With its advanced AI capabilities and access to a vast range of published content, Iris™ can respond immediately to a wide range of patient queries, making it the most comprehensive solution available. Iris™ sets a new standard for conversational virtual assistants by surpassing current basic chatbots that utilize limited content, require extensive training, and lack an integrated experience.

Iris™ benefits and how they impact your business:

  • Improved accessibility to healthcare: Iris™ can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, which makes it easier for patients to receive medical advice and support even when they cannot physically visit a healthcare facility.
  • Cost-effective healthcare: By automating healthcare tasks, Iris™ can help healthcare providers reduce costs associated with administrative tasks and free up their time for more critical tasks.
  • Personalized care: Iris™ can gather data on patients and use that information to provide personalized medical advice and support.
  • 24/7 availability: Iris™ can be available round-the-clock, which means patients can receive medical advice and support even outside of regular working hours.
  • Reduced wait times: Iris™ patients can get quick answers to their medical queries without having to wait in long queues at hospitals or clinics.
  • Patient education: Iris™ can provide patients with educational resources on medical conditions, medications, and other relevant topics, which can help them make informed decisions about their health.
  • Improved patient engagement: Iris™ can engage patients in their healthcare by providing them with reminders for appointments, medications, and other healthcare-related tasks.
  • Better patient outcomes: By providing quick and easy access to healthcare, Iris™ can help patients receive timely medical advice and support, which can lead to better patient outcomes.
  • Reduced workload for healthcare professionals: Iris™ can help healthcare providers reduce their workload, allowing them to focus on critical tasks that require their expertise.

Click here to read the press release published April 17th, 2023.