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Why Appointment Notification Tech Needs User-Centered Design

Patient appointment scheduling software has been widely adopted by a variety of healthcare organizations, from independent physician practices to national health systems. This type of technology takes the work out of manually slating patient appointments on a calendar and can…

Communicating the Value of IT to Senior Leadership

Leading hospitals and health systems that have embraced technological innovation realize the value of IT teams in championing products, programs, and solutions that positively impact the customer experience in healthcare. Today, technology leaders aren’t simply responding to organizational requests. Instead,…

A look at the Future of Patient Engagement

Listen in as our team of industry experts discuss how the future of patient engagement will help healthcare organizations overcome key challenges. Automated solutions—especially those that make better patient outreach possible—have never been more important to improving the overall patient…

Reducing Referral Revenue Leakage

Listen in as former Patient Access Manager and Director, Starla Joyner, discusses how organizations can improve, and even streamline, the referral process. Strategies discussed include improving the prior authorization process, automating the referral outreach strategy, and much more.