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PostcardPlus by TeleVox

Reach More Patients through Strategic Communication

Strategic Solutions for Patient Compliance, Adherence and Awareness

Increase compliance and adherence by sending important healthcare notifications directly to patients regarding gaps in care, wellness visits, disease state education and awareness to new treatments. See below for how TeleVox reaches your target audience.


An effective communication method tailored to engage eligible patients, drive adherence, and compliance to prescribed care plans.


Texting is a popular communication method among patients…take advantage and optimize your digital strategy to include important reminders sent directly to their cellphone.


Provides education in advance of appointments and promotes in-depth interactions between the patient and their provider. Delivers information on topics such as disease state awareness, compliance, and adherence to care plans.


Automated reminders delivered via IVR reduces workload for office staff and HCP, which allows them to focus more on patient care.

Benefits of the PostcardPlus Patient Engagement Strategy

  • Automated

    Automated communication delivered via postcard, SMS, email, and IVR

  • Engaging

    Information is tailored to meet each individual clients needs to engage patients to take action

  • Convenient

    Educational, compliance, and adherence campaigns delivered in a convenient manner

  • Efficient

    Streamlined communication strategies deployed efficiently to specific demographics

Use Cases

We tailor unique solutions to meet the needs of our customers, drive compliance, adherence, education and awareness to the patient population.

Covid Booster

Henry Adams

Age: 45 Children: 10 years old

Henry works full-time at a local grocery store stocking shelves. His job is essential, and he was needed to work…

Flu Shot

Kayla Lee

Age: 37 Children: None

Kayla was visiting her parents one afternoon and told her mother that she was not feeling well and was a…


Anne Smith

Age: 56 Children: 13 &16 years old

Anne has a very active lifestyle with her children in addition to her personal activities. In her spare time, she…

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“The Wellness postcard program allowed us to bring in significantly more patients than we normally have seen this time of the year.”

“We are happy to see healthcare companies are finding new ways to partner with us.”

“The PostcardPlus team is very professional in support of our clinic!”

“There is no doubt that the PostcardPlus Recall program is a very effective resource for our sales/marketing strategy.”

“The PostcardPlus approach is unique and operational…a winning combination.”

“I am extremely pleased with the response of our targeted accounts… the PostcardPlus partnership is wonderful.”

“I’ve expanded my target office contacts with the PostcardPlus program.”

“This resource helped me position myself as a partner and a strong resource to the customer.”

“This program allowed me to improve protocols and establish a stronger platform in my account.”

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